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She gave the poor boy a piece of her mind when he suggested she orders fries. As they were introducing themselves, the lady was quick to point out that she works for Julie Gichuru among others. The fact that her date was a mere Director of Photography at a little known company, made her terrorize the poor guy the whole time.

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Yes George was at times a pain in the ass, but Mirfat made him come out as a saint. She even threatened to pick her bag and leave if George continued being shy. This had a visibly devastating effect on George, who now started stammering and making little word sense. Even before the show aired, she had already started giving her Twitter followers a sneak preview. Take this to muramati sacco and get a loan.

This is The Lady on KTN’s Tujuane Who Pissed Everyone Off

If you know this chiq in real life PRIS tell her to step down from her imaginary high horse.. The Twitter and Facebook bullying was too much to the extent Susan was put under suicide watch. Julie Gichuru, whom Susan mentioned to be her employer, came to her defense with this tweet:. The current hideous and relentless online bullying of a young lady for a choreographed tv show is simply sad. We must reject bullying.

With this tweet, Julie Gichuru opened a can of debate in blogsites and social media whether indeed the show is a reality or whether it is scripted. Many people believed the scripted version after word claimed to have originated from George had it that indeed the show is scripted.

I personally have talked with a number of people including close friends, wife, and some colleagues of Kachwanya. The argument is that almost all reality TV shows the world over get scripted for entertainment purposes. One of my close friends also held to the opinion that the show is scripted.

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Apparently Malonza, the Tujuane host, is a buddy to my close friend. So one evening when they were drinking somewhere in town Jose King, who is my buddy, debated with Malonza that KTN dupes Kenyans by airing a scripted show claiming that it is real. I did not watch the episode when it aired but for the purposes of this article I remembered about it and called Jose.

I asked him if the show is scripted, whether Tujuane team prepared him mentally and psychologically on how to behave in front of the cameras, and whether there are any occasions he was required to respond or act in any particular manner.

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Jose answered all of these questions to the negative. Yes, there was something amiss. I know Jose as a social, interactive, talkative, confident dude who easily mingles with strangers and friends alike. But in the show he appeared as a shy guy intimidated by Yvonne especially in the beginning of the episode.

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But there is something common about scripted shows and normal shows. First let me explain about two types of scripts; there is the Shark Tank type where players act their part for hours but what the viewers finally see are ten minutes worth of edited version vs the rest where producers and directors dictate what the actors actually do and say. The latter version has no real difference with movies. Now, the difference between the scripted shows and the normal ones is the entertainment level.

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  • This is The Lady on KTN's Tujuane Who Pissed Everyone Off!
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