Dating someone who reminds you of an ex

Two Single Girls - Would You Date Someone Who Reminds You Of Your EX?

Relationship expert, author and psychologist Dr. Additionally, he may not be in a place where he wants to get serious with anyone, so you could turn him off if you immediately bring it to the relationship-or-nothing level.

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Instead of bringing up your interest in being in a relationship, try to focus on conveying your interest in him. Rather than take a passive approach, Meyers advises to tell your crush that you like a lot of the qualities he has.

Constant texting can come off as needy or just bothersome. Make sure that he hears your feelings from you.

You might not want to throw your feelings out there right away, of course, but hinting at your interest can make him realize that there is potential between you two. Save the crazy for later.

6 Things You Should Never Say to Your Crush

Awesome, really give that some thought. You clearly have complicated feelings about your ex and the best way to deal with those might be to take a critical look at him, then a critical look at the new boy, and see where your Ex just does not measure up.

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Get over your Ex. Most people date people who are similar in some way. It sounds like the real issue here is some unresolved feelings about your ex.

1. You Catch Yourself Almost Texting Him

The best way to solve your problem is to look at why you have these feelings about your ex and work on those. I was just reading your post on how to handle a breakup: How can I get past this?

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